Adrian Snell celebrates anniversary ’the passion’ with special concerts and new ’anniversary edition’

If you had to name a few timeless works that are still listened to in the Netherlands today, ’The Passion’ by Adrian Snell is one of them. The work will celebrate several anniversaries next year and Adrian has assembled a band, choir and orchestra (!) for a series of special concerts in March 2024 in which the work will be performed in its entirety. In addition, a new ’Anniversary Edition’ of ’The Passion’ will be released, which has been newly mixed and mastered.

’The Passion’ is a work that has traveled with Adrian Snell’s entire musical life. What started as his first songs as a solo artist in 1974 grew into a masterpiece in 1980 that takes you through the suffering, death and resurrection of the Messiah. A musical journey recorded with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and performed by dozens of choirs in the Netherlands. ’The Passion’ is a classic. And next year Adrian Snell will celebrate the anniversary with no fewer than five concerts in the Netherlands - three of which with an orchestra. It is unique that ’The Passion’ is performed with both band and orchestra. Anyone who knows the work knows that it is an impressive live experience in that form. Finally, the Netherlands can experience ’The Passion’ live again as it was intended forty-five years ago!