I had the privilege of writing a book called Missing Jewel, which tells the story of the the UK Worship movement from 1961 onwards. 

What an opportunity to honour the pioneers and document the development of British sacred music through the decades; leading to seeing the worship songs of the UK leave the island and bless the nations. Psalm 71 says, 'One generation shall tell another generation of God’s marvellous deeds...'  and what a story it is!

Also on this page are other books I have been reading and would like to recommend.


Missing Jewel

“A compelling chronicle of the Spirit's work through His people, to move His Church to worship in spirit and truth” - Louie Giglio, Pastor - Passion City Church, Atlanta, USA

Book Reviews 2022

I love to read, usually on trains, planes and at the end of the day - I find books so inspirational. Mainly biographies, historical moments and movements, growing in God, wisdom and understanding, and current issues.

I underline and go back and read books over and over again. Just as Judith watches films and I listen to albums multiple times!  So even though I am on current books, I am also reading past favourites. So please check out the 2020 list too. Here are my recommended books from 2022...

Recommended Reads from 2020