It’s time for the creatives to come out of their caves into community

As lockdown comes to an end the coast is becoming clear for us to meet again. Be in the same room;  converse, discuss ideas, share concepts and dreams, make music together. 

My fear is that the we have become so used to working on our own in our rooms/studios/sheds and are happy to stay there.  But I believe it’s time to come out of our caves and into community.......we were not made to be alone. 

Collaboration makes things better: 
    •    Sharpens 
    •    Refines 
    •    Leads to innovation 

I strongly believe that the best music is made in community. Community kills competition, brings connection and breeds conversations. It gives confidence that we are not on our own and encourages each other on. 

I recently read this quote.. 

"Leaders start a company…. Community starts a movement". 

I love the blending and bending of genres, band dynamics and great grooves, the blend of BV’s, different voices joining together becoming ONE VOICE. 

It's time to get together. I assure you it will be worth the effort 



Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash