Song of the Month: By The Grace of God

Beautiful contemporary hymn co-written by Tim Hughes, Martin Smith, Brian Johnson & Nick Herbert. Led here by Tim Hughes and the Gas Street worship team. A song of substance and revelation.  This song is on their Rewilding album. 

I have…

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Judith Writes - Time for another adventure

'It's a time of great hope as well as great change.' 

These words, from an aspirational lifestyle magazine from one of my favourite furniture stores, caught my eye particularly because they were actually being echoed at the online Christian conference…

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Worship. From formal to freedom

It has been amazing to see God, over the past 50 years restore worship to the British Church. 

During the 1960s and ‘70s worship in Church was very formal. Selected hymns were definitely seen and sung as a warm-up for…

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Song of the Month: Change

For my March Song of the Month, I would like to feature ‘Change’ by the Bright City Collective, who are based at St Peters Church in Brighton. 

This is a worship anthem - a Revival song! 

 I love the quote…

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God Bless Wales

On St David’s Day this is a timely prayer over Wales. So beautiful to hear it sung in Welsh. Vocals are by Mal Pope and Cath Woolridge. 

God Bless Wales.

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Judith Writes - Choose To Rejoice

Choose to rejoice. Those were the words on our Lectio365 daily devotional  which resonated. CHOOSE to rejoice. I find these long lockdown days I am having to do more choosing to rejoice- don't know about you. 

I've been thinking about…

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What I Read Last Year

I am an avid book reader….underlining the key lines writing notes on the back pages, studying each book! My favourites are biographies, inspirational writings, and teaching to help me in my walk with God.  Lockdown has given me time to…

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Song of the Month: Be Still My Soul

Bryn Haworth

During this challenging Covid season, Be Still My Soul, written and recorded by Bryn Haworth is so timely, bringing calm and peace in the storm. This song is taken from Bryn's album 'Peace & Understanding' which is available…

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Judith Writes - 'Christmas'

It is the season of Advent and I think this year it has been more poignant than ever. A time of waiting. A time of looking forward expectantly to something unfolding. A time when we look forward to the celebration…

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Hidden Kingdom Podcast with Dave Bilbrough

I have just recorded an interview with Dave Bilbrough on the subject of "Connecting, Developing, Releasing". Click on the image above to listen to the podcast.

Song of the Month: Somebody Please Hear Our Voice

One Voice Collective

This month we celebrate Black History Month. These are important days, when there is a need to remind everyone that ‘Black Lives Matter’ 
Following the killing of George Floyd, amidst protest marches and uncomfortable, yet constructive conversations…

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Judith Writes - 'Space'

Space has been on everyone's mind these days. 

How much space to leave between yourself and others. Which space is a safe space. Who am I willing to share my space with.  

There are those of us who have felt…

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